Project Description

Artesana Rosewood Residences

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The Artesana Rosewood Residences are a wonderfully diverse series of multi-level homes connected to, and part of, the new Rosewood San Miguel de Allende Hotel & Resort. San Miguel is a magical village recently awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. The Artesana project blends into the Spanish Colonial architecture and scale of this amazing town, which has become an expat and artist colony over the last few decades.

Etainia took over the original website and re-designed with a re-launch in August, 2011. The beauty of San Miguel and the rich lifestyle offerings that abound there called for a design that would immerse the visitor in the imagery and culture of the town while demonstrating how seemlessly this new luxury resort blends in. The Spanish language version of the site is optimized for Spanish language search engines.