There’s lots of talk these days about “experiential” marketing — bringing your client to the project for a hosted weekend, a golf excursion, a spa experience, etc. Our background includes over 20 years of producing marketing launches and corporate events for some of the world’s largest companies. Our branding of Experience Marketing® is meant to communicate how we transform our real-world background into a rich and rewarding online experience. It isn’t only about compelling pictures and videos on your site, it is about getting inside the head of your customer and creating an experience that delivers what that customer is after — most importantly, a storyline that engages them in the promise of what you offer.

To capture that ever-elusive actual customer on your website, all of these elements are vital, but content is only the beginning. Exceptional content must be delivered logically, easily. Delivering on true Experience Marketing® demands that all channels must be thoughtfully constructed and maintained in order to ensure a consistent brand presentation.

If your needs are in the offline world, etainia provides event planning, production and design services as well as talent buying. We design physical spaces — sales centers, model residences, presentation offices, interactive meeting rooms, kiosks, trade show exhibits, global marketing centers.

Challenge us with your vision and we will bring it to life – online, offline and through the full customer relationship cycle.


The old-school golden rule for real estate sales was to keep your inventory a mystery until the prospect was sitting in your office. Those days are long gone. The Internet is the first stop for over 95% of all potential buyers, so they won’t wait until they’re in your sales office. They are just as likely to be located several time-zones away as in your vicinity. Challenged by a premium community developer who wanted to effectively engage long-distance prospects, we invented and have perfected what has now become an industry standard: the Home Availability® map, driven by our customized, interactive, real-time Availability Marketing® technology.

Availability Marketing® has proven to help sales teams powerfully engage prospects and to deliver more educated buyers to the sales office, starting a strong sales relationship before anyone has even shaken hands.

Availability tools can be applied to master-planned communities, high-rise condominiums, multi-building residential projects, marinas and commercial space. Each Availability Marketing® application is customized for the project and database-driven for instant updates of renderings, floorplans, sq. ft., building envelope, panoramic views and just about any other features of the individual property.

With almost 20 years specializing in digital marketing, etainia has developed a network of high-caliber creative professionals, including graphic designers, marketing strategists, interior designers, model builders and technology gurus. Many of our network partners own their own consulting or design firms, have been senior executives of global companies in charge of marketing or sales and all are seasoned professionals. A core expertise for each of our network players is the ability to effectively collaborate. Many have a long-standing track-record of combining forces with etainia on successful projects. Instead of a few strong athletes playing for you, you’ll have an entire gold-medal Olympic Team on board. All of etainia’s network players are stars in their own right – together we comprise an unrivaled team that is focused solely on winning for our clients.

Our Network allows us to provide a wide variety of services for our clients. We offer a full-service team encompassing strategy and positioning, brand development, marketing plans, print and advertising design, copywriting, video production, 3D animation, sales office design, table-top models, branded-product design, online marketing strategy, website and e-communications, online sales applications – supported by ongoing reporting and analysis.

We advocate that our clients think “green” about their marketing activities. Etainia lives this advocacy by running an extremely environmentally conscious agency with a visionary business model that ensures the most efficient use of time, technology and transportation available benefiting our client’s bottom line.

With a slim overhead, wisely scheduled, productive meetings and no commuting, we reduce our collective impact on the earth. Simply put, we save a whole lot of money and reinvest those dollars in our core purpose: conceiving, coordinating and realizing potent digital marketing solutions for our clients.


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Graphic Design 85
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