Etainia’s core service is online and digital marketing. We offer a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions devised specifically for each client by our proven, collective expertise.

We don’t expect our clients to possess a command of the finer points and complexities of marketing on the Internet. That’s why you found etainia in the first place. Our job is to assess your current challenges and objectives, provide you with a range of options customized to your needs and produce results that drive the bottom line.

We also understand that your marketing needs reach far beyond the Web, which is why we offer an extensive network of talented specialists who expand the breadth of our services, as needed. We assemble the ideal team for the scope and specifications of your objectives, providing you with a versatile pool of experienced professionals who share a long history of successful campaigns and collaborations. We will also gladly combine forces with your existing service providers and bring the precise resource of expertise to the table that allows you to attain your goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.


A word we often hear—from both clients and their prospects, upon their first look at an etainia website—is “rich”. Producing rich online experiences is one of our signature services.

It goes far beyond the obvious, though. Of course, your site must be attractive, easy to navigate and memorable, while delivering your core message. What a lot of folks don’t know, however, is that a strong visual impact is more than just an attractive first impression: It’s intuiting a complex series of observations resulting in an instantaneous set of judgments that your prospects will make, mostly subconsciously. So, your site must do many things at once—in the blink of an eye. And that pivotal achievement is merely where etainia’s comprehensive website services begin.

Add to these key anchors of online success a long list of equally vital elements—data-capture, SEO, email, statistical analytics, databases and applications — and you’ve got an integrated, engaging website environment that’s working hard for you on every front.

A great online presence not only provides information that’s attractive to the eye and easy to navigate on any device, it also compels your audience to get personally involved. Interactive maps allow visitors to see a specific property, its details and availability—all while keeping it in context with neighboring properties, community features and amenities. Hole-by-hole golf tours engage fans of the greatest game with information, perspectives and commentary that help promote your course. Immersive home tours in 3D allow your prospect to walk through your model home from wherever they are. Drone photography and videography can be used to bring another compelling perspective on your offering. Current weather applications provide forecasts and other relevant stats about your location, bringing visitors back to your website to check on local conditions. Etainia’s interactive features are powerful, proven sales tools in your sales office, on prospects’ computer-desktop or mobile device
In the world of email communications, it takes an erudite approach to produce effective messages. Equally imperative is a communication strategy that convinces your audience to regularly open your emails and, most essential of all, to read them. Etainia’s extensive experience in email marketing led us to partner with a global leader in hosted email solutions. This seasoned broadcast provider offers a powerful, flexible system utilizing authentication systems for validating email senders and distributing both responsive HTML and plain-text email simultaneously. Best of all, it provides our clients with real-time detailed statistics on every campaign including a real-time map showing where in the world your readers and opening your email, clicking on links and sharing it. It also features a cost-effective self-broadcast tool giving the client direct access to compose and send their emails on their own. Reporting is also available on the iPhone/iPad.
Being one of the most popular content delivery methods online, video has significantly changed the style of website design as well as search engine marketing, with YouTube as one of the strongest vehicles. Etainia provides state-of-the-art HD video production services. We also offer network marketing of your video content via YouTube, in order to capture its vast audience. Whether editing and presenting 3D digital fly-through tours of your project within your website, compiling existing content into an engaging DVD, or scripting, shooting and editing your original video for use online or offline, etainia offers over 25 years of professional video production experience.
Custom music is often the best solution for video and website production to ensure that the music “fits”. Because not all projects have a budget for custom music, etainia often finds royalty-free or licensed music that fit the project’s budget – we have also established an in-house recording studio to keep the costs of custom music to a minimum.

Etainia has had in-house recording capabilities for several years, featuring a Yamaha Motif 8 as well as a vast array of samples for full digital orchestration and effects. We recently expanded significantly with larger studio space and the acquisition of a 7′ Steinway Concert Grand Piano for its unmatched tone. Steinway pianos are the first choice of major concert venues and recording studios everywhere and the concert-level instruments are extraordinary. In addition to the etainia’s in-house capabilities we also have a network of artists with their own recording studios. With over twenty years in the live music industry, we have relationships with a wide variety of top recording artists – if the project is more suited to their specialties.

Ok, so we don’t actually “live” online – we live in a 3D world engaging all of our senses. Etainia’s design experience began in the theater, then concert tours, corporate events and recently designing environments. A prominent project was the San Diego Padres New Ballpark Preview Center: a 10,000 sq. ft. sales center for their downtown ballpark. With FF&E to be used in the ballpark, we integrated video and interactive 3D fly-throughs, three presentation rooms, a full-size suite mock-up and seating theater. Another design project could not have been more different: a digital headquarters for the global avocado industry. Based in Irvine, the world’s avocado producers connect via video conference and a dedicated website so that producing countries and domestic producers can coordinate import and shipping schedules for the U.S. market. When Covenant Hills redesigned their sales center, we brought the interactive property map used on their website into the sales office on a 60″ display so they could eliminate the traditional topographic model.
Etainia offers its website clients comprehensive reports on their online marketing efforts, in a secure online presentation that simplifies both review and archiving, while also providing convenient print functions. An Executive Summary delivers a quick overview of the key performance indicators, with interactive details thereafter. Available are reports that examine daily traffic, search engine and search term activity, top pages, broadcast email activity, paid search advertising results and additional data, which reveals visitors’ behavior and other trends.

Possessing the specialized expertise to fully understand raw web stats, and being well-versed in the differences between bits and bytes, .xml, .js, .php, or many of the other esoteric elements of the Web world is crucial. An integrated analysis that includes non-website activity like social media, email, online advertising, seo and offline advertising is required to provide a holistic analysis, one that can dramatically invigorate marketing strategies.

Where and how your website is hosted is one of the most important yet least understood elements of effective online marketing. In our 20+ years of building online applications, we’ve learned that the success of a website can hinge on where and how it is hosted. The lesson learned, in a nutshell, is to host with experts in the field whose sole business is providing a stellar hosting environment and regularly updated technology. We’ve done the research and selected a top-rated facility serviced by major backbone bandwidth providers. Our hosting systems feature redundant hardware, are frequently backed-up and receive regular technical review, software updates and optimization.

Despite hosting with the best, we at etainia lose sleep if we don’t cover every base from as many vantages as possible for all of our clients. To that end, we verify the up-time and interruptions in service by monitoring our servers from six continents using an enterprise-level monitoring service that instantly generates emails and text messages to us when it detects a slowdown or an outage, so that our team can respond immediately.