It is no surprise that many people receive and even read their email on a mobile device today. Email enabled mobile phones have been around for over 10 years in the U.S., but what has changed in the past few years is their ability to receive and render HTML email – which also allows us to measure both the platform and activities of mobile users. Etainia always delivers a plain-text mobile-version of our broadcast emails so that recipients with older devices are able to read the message. With the introduction of the iPhone and the subsequent explosion of “smart phones”, the dynamic has changed. A recent study showed that in the past four years mobile email users expanded from @ 4% to over 20% of the audience. Since there are still many older devices and non-HTML devices in service it is fair to assume that these numbers are under-reporting actual usage. Over the next few years, as users upgrade their phones and as new devices, like the iPad, play a more significant role, mobile email will likely expand to 50% or more. If you are going to market and communicate with your audience using email, make sure it is formatted correctly for all users and provides you with valuable reporting intelligence. Etainia offers broadcast email services for every budget with sophisticated reporting tools including a real-time interactive map which lets you see where your emails are being opened, read, clicked on and shared.